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Utilities Board of Tuskegee Administration Building
Tuskegee, Alabama

The Utilities Board of Tuskegee has served the community for decades, and the new Administrative Building represents a significant investment in the future. UBT is dedicated to providing dependable utility services while continuously improving our operations to meet the evolving needs of Tuskegee residents. The building's layout has been carefully planned with the customers in mind. A welcoming reception area, self-service kiosks, and comfortable waiting spaces ensure a positive experience when visiting. The new administrative building is equipped with the latest technology to streamline operations and improve customer service. From advanced metering systems to real-time data analytics, we're dedicated to optimizing utility management. The Utilities Board of Tuskegee Administrative Building symbolizes an unwavering commitment to enhancing utility services and fostering a sustainable future for the community.


T: 205.250.0700 F: 205.250.0515

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