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Phillips Academy Auditorium Renovation

Birmingham, Alabama

In the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, the historic auditorium of Phillips Academy stands as a testament to both the timeless spirit of education and the evolution of architectural aesthetics. As part of a conscious effort to preserve its history while addressing contemporary needs, Phillips Academy embarked on an ambitious renovation project for this iconic space. Phillips Academy's auditorium has long been a hub of cultural, educational, and community gatherings. It has seen generations of students perform, present, and celebrate various milestones, making it an integral part of the school's history and Birmingham's cultural tapestry. The renovated auditorium is more than just a performance space; it is a bridge between the storied past and the promising future. It showcases Phillips Academy's dedication to cherishing its rich history while gearing up for future challenges.


T: 205.250.0700 F: 205.250.0515

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