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Legacy Arena at the BJCC
Birmingham, Alabama

Located in the bustling heart of Birmingham, Alabama, the renovated Legacy Arena at the BJCC stands as a monumental tribute to contemporary design, innovative technology, and a passion for world-class entertainment. The expansive arena boasts a seating capacity tailored for grand events, from sports matches to star-studded concerts. Each seat is strategically placed to provide spectators with unparalleled views of the stage or court. Marrying modern aesthetics with the deep-rooted culture of Birmingham, the Legacy Arena showcases an architecture that is both sleek and timeless. Large panoramic windows, ambient lighting, and spacious concourses redefine the spectator experience.The Legacy Arena at the BJCC is not just an entertainment venue; it's an emblem of Birmingham's evolution, ambition, and vibrant spirit. Whether it's cheering for a local sports team, swaying to the tunes of global music icons, or attending a community event, the arena promises memories that will last a lifetime.


T: 205.250.0700 F: 205.250.0515

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