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Charles Williams & Associates, Inc. was formed in 1996 to provide a full range of architectural services including design, project management, and construction administration. With 20 years of prior experience, founder Charles E. Williams has successfully developed CWA, Inc. into an exceptional provider of professional services. Throughout the years CWA, Inc. has provided architectural services for multiple municipalities, school systems, transit systems, colleges and universities, medical practices, religious facilities, and an array of private concerns. Today, the founding principles of trust and commitment remain evident in a team of talented professionals that render incomparable service with a unique solution that produces a lasting structure exceeding both needs and desires. 

We understand the service of architecture as a means to an end. Design, in its simplest form, is providing a solution that best addresses programmatic needs. Charles Williams & Associates, Inc. embraces this principle by establishing a strong rapport with the client, carefully accessing both the client's and user's issues, and providing a to, not only maintain but strengthen that trust between architect and client. Trust is and always will be the founding principle of CWA, Inc. This high level of trust allows the client to freely communicate their issues, needs, and desires with the architect. By carefully and thoroughly assessing all direct and indirect issues surrounding the project, the needs can be clearly identified allowing the architect to progress toward a solution. 

At Charles Williams & Associates, Inc. we strive to provide solutions that clearly address the client's needs, desires, budget, and schedule in an aesthetic and environmentally responsible manner. As stated previously, architecture is a means to an end. The means; an intangible relationship established between architect and owner through trust and professionalism allowing a project to reach its full potential. The end; a physical structure that meets the programmatic, functional, and financial concerns of the client and end-user. Charles Williams & Associates, Inc. provides the means to realize the client's end.


T: 205.250.0700 F: 205.250.0515

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